Tinopona Katsande: KNOW THE MUSICIAN

David Hondoyedzomba and the Blackways is a dynamic 8-piece group led by HD a.k.a David Hondoyedzomba, who have captivated audiences with their breathtaking variety of tempos, beats, styles and raw onstage energy. The band is versatile and intertwines jazz, jit, funk, hip-hop, reggae, afrobeat and afro-soul. The band was founded by talented and skillful guitarist/singer David Hondoyedzomba in 1997 in Bindura. The band has won several accolades since its formation.  
HD was Born 7 March, 1980. He is currently working on his third studio album. His latest single Usandisiye is an Afro Fusion of jazz, jit and gospel. Check out this wonderful work and video

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